Practitioner: A.J. Cabrera
Session Fee: $75 ( +$15 Travel Fee for Areas South of Del Mar and East of San Marcos )
Session Length: Average 60 Minutes
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Whether a puppy or senior, Canine Massage therapy offers a multitude of benefits that can stimulate a dog both physically and mentally.  Pets, Working Dogs and Sporting Dogs all seek canine massage therapies for purposes of prevention, recovery and performance.   As a certified and insured Canine Massage Practitioner,  A.J. looks forward to bringing relief, relaxation and rejuvenation to both you and your dog.

Additional Services: Equine Massage


Muscular System

Stimulation alleviates pain and soreness. Improves flexibility & range of motion. Decreases tension from inflammation and muscle spasm.

Immune System

Increases circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluid which flush harmful bacteria and toxins from the bloodstream.

Circulatory System

Improved blood flow increases circulation allowing more oxygen to reach affected tissues promoting a quicker healing process.

Skeletal System

Relieves pain and renews flexibility in the joints therefore increasing range of motion. Increases blood flow to the bones promoting healthy growth.

Nervous System

Alleviates anxiety and aggression by reducing stress. Calms and relaxes which promotes a better physical and mental balance.

Digestive System

Increases availability of vital nutrients from food in-take. Regulates insulin levels and improves gastric motility. Decreases permeability in the gut.

Integumentary System

Raises skin temperature which improves elasticity in the skin. Increases circulation thus improving overall skin condition.

Endocrine System

Regulates activity via a balancing effect on the autonomic nervous system. Increases circulation thus helping the transport of hormones.

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“Taj” Post Massage
Cardiff by the Sea

“Jack” Awaiting his treatment

“Lily” Feeling light & lovely

“Skeets” The dashing Daschund