About Us

We are a wellness collaborative providing holistic services to San Diego animals, helping them to improve and maintain balance and well-being throughout their lives.

A.J. Cabrera

Canine & Equine Massage Practitioner
A.J.’s experience with animals spans decades. Over the years he has experienced a multitude of issues with his canine friends, ranging from Hip Dysplasia, ACL & Knee, Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Diabetes and Blindness. In 2016, during his quest to further his education on holistic therapies to improve the life of an animal suffering from such issues, A.J. discovered Animal Massage.  A.J. has completed a Small Animal Massage certification course at the Northwestern School of Animal Massage. A.J. recently broadened his scope of services by additionally receiving his Equine massage practitioner certification.

Nedra Abramson

Canine / Equine Acupressure & Reiki Practitioner
Nedra has worked in animal rescue for the past 11 years. She became a Reiki Master in 2008 and started her journey towards becoming a small animal acupressure practitioner in April of 2010. She is Nationally Certified in Small Animal Acupressure, Equine Acupressure and Small Animal Massage through NBCAAM. National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage. She believes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a lifelong practice and is looking forward to the journey. Nedra is a Reiki Master and Nationally Certified Small Animal and Equine Acupressure Practitioner. Nedra treats all creatures, including humans.

Jan Greenberg

Behavior & Training Specialist
Jan has loved animals since she was a child. She was always bringing home and caring for all kinds of stray animals, from cats to new born rabbits.  Her love of animals grew as did her curiosity of how they interacted with humans. She was amazed at their capacity to learn and understand new concepts as well as their ability to read human emotion. She started working with dogs professionally in 2000.  She utilized several techniques but found positive training to be the most effective for human and canine. In 2010 she joined Freedom Dogs as a trainer and became a “Clicker Trainer”. That really opened up a whole new world of training possibilities.

Justine Nord

Equine Cold Laser Therapy
Justine has been around horses for over 30 years having her first pony at the age of 12. She started riding dressage in her late 20’s and never looked back. Owning and maintaining a performance horse is what inspired her to earn her Certification in Equine Cold Laser Therapy. She completed her certification in 2015 with Equine Pacifica here in Southern California and has added equine cold laser therapy to our practice. She has wittnessed the immediate benefits of the cold laser on her equine partners in the performance world. Having traveled accross the country to work on these magnificent animals in World Class FEI competitions for show jumping and dressage. She loves seeing them perform at their best and feel their best!

Dr. Susan Grove

Vet2You Mobile Veterinary Services
We understand that animal massage and other wellness methods are never a replacement for veterinary care or treatment. We believe all animals should have access to the broadest range of wellness services to work in unison with veterinary treatment. In certain cases it is our practice is to consult a veterinarian prior to providing wellness services for any medical concerns or questions as well as to verify with a veterinarian that our services are appropriate for your animal. We are happy to partner with Dr. Grove and Vet2You to offer our clients Veterinary services, should they be in need.

San Diego Vet2You is a full service mobile veterinarian run by Dr. Susan Grove and she has been a licensed veterinarian since 1989.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

“Throughout my acquaintance with AJ, I can honestly attest to the qualities that I, as a retired school administrator, admire: forthrightness, timeliness, a desire to learn and to grow in one’s profession, and a kindly and patient manner with both animals and his associates. AJ recently administered an hour- long massage to Lily. In order to be successful, he had to gain her trust, which he very soon accomplished. He was ascertaining any apparent tightness in her joints and ligaments. She allowed him to do as he pleased with her, and his love, expertise and patience were very self-evident; it was very interesting to observe. ”

Joan Z.


“Watching age catch up with Taj, my best friend, has been hard on both of us. Taj, in his prime, was a mid air snagging frisbee rock star and the best trail dog a girl could ever want. On occasion, since he turned 10, his back will spasm and he requires medicine and a few days of house rest. Now at 12, Taj’s muscles and joints are sore more often than not. That is where AJ comes in, he is able to quickly assess Taj’s problem areas and provides relief that has a visible impact days after treatment. AJ’s patient and gentle manner had Taj relaxed in no time. ”

Sarah D.

Cardiff by the Sea

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for Zumi!!! You are truly amazing. Zumi had a limp (from jumping off a wall) that would not go away. We had tried everything it seemed and nothing completely resolved the issue. So I was so glad to run into you and learn about how you could help. Not only did you help the inflammation subside but you also helped with her upset tummy from all the pain meds. I also really appreciated learning some things that I could do for her at home. This combination worked miracles. Zumi is now limp, pain and medicine free!!! She is definitely back to being her crazy wonderful self again.”

Carey M.