Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the wellness sessions?

Sessions can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the service. The animal is usually the deciding factor 😉

Do I need to do anything to prep my dog for a session?

It is always best to work on a dog after he/she has had a bit of exercise, be it a play session or walk. We also ask that you ‘potty’ your dog prior to their session.

Are you able to offer massage therapy to dogs with aggression issues?

Issues such as these need to be acknowledged by a certified ‘aggression trainer’ prior to any wellness therapy for the safety of both the practitioner and pet.

Where is the best place in my home for my dog's session?

Any place in your home where your pet is most comfortable will work. We ask that the environment is free of any distractions such as, other pets, toys, food, noise, etc..

Can I watch or be present during the sessions?

Yes. We encourage our client’s to be present, if they wish. We will always leave our clients with an assessment as well as some tips on what they can do to additionally comfort their pet.

In what instances would massage not be suitable for my animal?
  • Animal with a fever
  • Any infectious disease (bacterial or fungal)
  • Internal organ problems
  • Gross fractures (or suspected fractures)
  • If the animal is on any medications that would cause major side effects if their absorption rate was increased
  • We DO NOT perform massage on any kind of mass that has not been diagnosed as benign
  • We DO NOT perform massage On an area of any recent surgical procedure