Equine Cold Laser Therapy


Practitioner: Justine Nord
Session Fee:  $175
Session Length: 70 – 90 Minutes

Equine Cold Laser Therapy is a painless treatment that uses clinically tested wavelengths of light to stimulate natural biological processes leading to faster healing and pain relief. Like plants absorb sunlight through photosynthesis, cells in the body absorb laser energy that stimulates the body to release pain relieving compounds and are energized to participate in the healing process. There are no side effects and many times laser therapy can take the place of pharmaceuticals and surgery to treat long-term, degenerative conditions.



Equine athletes (i.e. Hunter Jumper, Dressage, Western Pleasure and Racehorses) are also ideal recipients of cold laser therapy to enhance strength while maintaining flexibility.

Our senior friends are excellent candidates for cold laser therapy maintenance and can be extremely beneficial for arthritis, metabolic conditions and other health problems that tend to trouble older horses.

For horses who have a non-emergency acute condition or a chronic issue cold laser therapy is a wonderful balancing method as well as a safe compliment to Western Medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, massage and all other forms of wellness care.

For horses with behavioral issues especially fear-based aggression, or anxiety, spooking ,cribbing, etc cold laser therapy is a powerful tool to help them relax and stop the cycle of panic or anxiety.

Cold laser therapy supports horses suffering from acute conditions or who are rehabilitating from surgery or injury.

Cold laser therapy can work well with training sessions and behavior modifications to help speed up the desired results.

For horses in transition cold laser therapy, combined with Reiki, is a powerful, yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from pain, fear and anxiety; and to ease the transition.


Which conditions can be treated with equine cold laser therapy?

Any condition that causes swelling and pain can be treated with cold laser therapy.

How often can my horse be treated?

Acute conditions can be resolved with just a few treatments, however it is not unusual for a chronic condition to require multiple treatments over a period of several weeks. Most treatments take up to 15 minutes and are frequently used in conjunction with other forms of rehabilitation. Your veterinarian can evaluate your condition and recommend the best treatment protocol and dosage.

Is cold laser therapy painful?

Cold laser therapy treatment is pain free and in fact, depending on the condition, some patients experience immediate relief. Soon after the first treatment, you may be able to move with less pain or have a more relaxed stride and better range of motion.

How effective is cold laser therapy?

Thousands of studies over the past 40 years have demonstrated a wide range of beneficial effects of laser therapy including wound healing, nerve regeneration, and pain relief. Laser Therapy has been approved by the US FDA for use in human medicine and is in wide use around the world.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

“Thank you for helping my dressage horses overcome muscle soreness from their increased work load and making them feel their best! Your ability to identify the areas where they are tight & hurting and “get in there” to relieve the muscles is amazing… I feel the difference the next day when I ride them!”

Laura Maloney

Rancho Santa Fe

“Justine is great! Without fail every horse has marked improvement.”

Will Simpson

Gold Medalist Bejing : Show Jumping

“Justine has provided her massage and laser therapies for my horses on several occasions. She has also worked on several horses in our barn. The results are amazing!! I admitted to her that I was skeptical at first but the results proved me wrong. The horses truly enjoy the treatments and have enhanced performance.”

Melanie L. Brazil, DVM

San Diego

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