The team at Cabrera Wellness is committed to providing holistic services to San Diego animals, helping them to improve and maintain balance and well-being throughout their lives. That’s why in recent weeks we have partnered with Audrey Reynolds and her non-profit organization, Saving Horses, Inc., located in Encinitas, California.

In 2007, SHI began as a rescue and rehabilitation source for abused and neglected horses, and has since saved hundreds of horses destined for death and secured their adoption. But now SHI goes above and beyond rehabilitating these horses: SHI’s rehabilitated horses now help humans in various therapies and recovery processes. In turn, the horses experience a sense of worth, something that was severely lacking as a result of their abuse and neglect, which further aids their psychological rehabilitation.

Through the Horses Healing Humans / Equine Assisted Therapy Program, SHI makes the most of their horse’s healing abilities. Horses model how to BE present in the here and now and in relationships, as they teach us boundaries and reflect authentic heart-centered expressions. The horses play a major role in the healing of individuals suffering from PTSD, addiction, and social/emotional disorders. Similarly, the Therapeutic Riding Program for Children with Autism recently got underway at SHI.

Whether saved from slaughter, abuse, or neglect, each individual horse comes with a long list of both physical and mental needs. Some need to revisit what it is to trust. These issues must be resolved before they are suitable to interact with humans, let alone support an individual’s therapy or recovery.

With our holistic treatments, Cabrera Wellness helps bridge the gap between the horse’s rehabilitation and its ability to partake in a person’s recovery. Over the next year, our team will visit SHI on a monthly basis, offering each of our therapeutic equine bodywork services, including Massage, Acupressure, Reiki, and Cold Laser Treatments. While all the horses exercise and socialize with other horses daily, some require more attention, depending on the extent of their trauma. It is our hope that by volunteering our holistic treatments to these horses, working in unison with their veterinary treatments, we will enhance their recovery.

Our Reiki practitioner, Nedra Abramson, working with “Dewdrop’s Heart”

SHI’s most recent rescue, Dewdrop’s Heart, endured unimaginable circumstances before she was thrown away by the racing industry and found at a Texas feedlot. The four-year-old thoroughbred arrived very thin at SHI emaciated and full of worms and sand. After 3 weeks she has gained weight and SHI has been able to get her doing walk, trot, and canter work in a round pen on voice command.

When our team arrived at SHI. Dewdrop’s Heart still showed signs of nervousness and anxiety. We were therefore doubtful that she could tolerate any of our holistic services that day. But we took it slow and offered her a short reiki and essential oil session, which released so much tension that we were able to greet her with touch.

Our cold laser therapist, Justine Nord, treats “Annie” a 3 year old paint mare that was recently saved by SHI.

With a horse like Dewdrop’s Heart, gaining trust is essential to the healing process, and energy work is the most effective way to do just that. We will continue to work with Dewdrop’s Heart, taking our time with her until she is comfortable getting full bodywork treatments from each of us.

Please follow us as we share Dewdrop’s Heart’s progress and the stories and progress of other horses at SHI. We are thrilled to be a part of their recovery and to help treat them back to health so they can assist in humans’ recovery processes and find new and loving homes.

If you would like to learn more about Audrey and Saving Horses, Inc. you can visit their website at

SHI founder, Audrey Reynolds, interacting with Dewdrop’s Heart.